Twitter suspends President Trump’s account after DC chaos

On what was a sad day in the history of the US on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s supporters besiege Washington in a bid to stop the recount of the college vote. Many of his supporters believe that the election was rigged and cried foul. Media firm, Twitter took a firm decision by suspending the president account.

Media giant, Twitter suspends President Trump’s account

President Donald Trump’s favorite means of social media account has been suspended after it is alleged to have broken some account terms and conditions. He has also been warned that if he desists from breaking the terms, the account will be deleted.

“ Any other violations from this account will be considered a breach of our policy and will be sternly frowned at. Also, any type of tweets that are considered violent or can lead to chaos will result in the permanent removal of the account. “

A Twitter official said.


This announcement came after an unusual suspension of an account belonging to POTUS for about 13 hours. Twitter also removed about two tweets it considered against its policy.


Part of the tweets mandated by Twitter that the president deleted was a video where he was alleged to have addressed his supporters telling them that he loved them. Twitter considers this video as encouraging chaos and violent behavior. Twitter insisted that unless he deleted the video, the account will remain closed.

A crucial move to quell media incitements

This remains one of the brave actions taken by the media giant after they have been repeatedly accused of allowing Trump’s account of spreading hate and encouraging negative incitements.

Although in recent times, the platform has tried to caution Trump’s usage of his account to spread hateful messages, critics say it hasn’t been enough. Trump’s supporters insist this move is against freedom of speech.

A legal don, Daniela Citron who has years of experience on boards like the Trust and Safety commission, believes that suspending the account was the best thing to do to forestall chaos. Trump is expected to make a public statement soon about the breach in Washington.